Save Your Marriage From Utter Boredom

How To Reignite Your Marriage In Just One Month

Are You Bored With Your Relationship?

We all know how this thing called love works, right? You grow up, you meet a handsome prince or gorgeous princess and you fall in love. You get married and then - here comes the best bit - you live Happily Ever After.

Except, we've been given the wrong information.

We're taught that if it's 'true love', we won't have to work hard at it. That everything will fall into place. That if it is 'meant to be' we will be automatically happy together, forever.

What they don't do in movies is fast forward three months to show you Prince Charming sitting on the couch in his underwear, beer in one hand and remote in the other, disengaged and watching the game while Cinderella gets about the house in trackies with no make up on, regrowth in her blonde highlights, nursing crying babies and picking up Charming's dirty socks off the floor.

How to Save Your Marriage from Utter Boredom

I wrote this eBook as a guide to help couples pull themselves out of a rut and kick-start a new way of life that leaves room for love, laughter, romance and spontaneity. I think if you can understand the reason behind so many relationship problems, you will have a better chance at beating the problems. Further, I've outlined practical, real action plans on things you can do now to beat the rut and the one-month challenge for couples, full of date ideas, date tips and extra reading resources so you can learn more.

And Who Am I?

My name's Emma Merkas.

Since 2006, my husband Denis and I have been running businesses that are all about helping couples stay intimate, connected and happy. Our businesses are practically based, providing tools that couples can use in their every day lives to enhance their relationships.

$30 Date Night is our baby, providing couples with date night inspiration for their own weekly dates. The site is underpinned by crucial scientific research which you will learn all about in this eBook. I am also the dating and relationships writer for major Australian newspaper mX.

Download Save Your Marriage From Utter Bordeom now and start reinvigorating your relationship today!

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